About Me:

Hello People, my name is Krishna and welcome to AllMenCanCook. I am the quintessential IT guy, working from 9 am to 6 pm for 5 days in a week and it is boring. Trust me! The next 2 days I make sure, I bury that boredom and live my life as much as I can. Weekends are dominated by giving much time to family and close friends, music and not to forget my favourite space – The kitchen.

This love for the kitchen and cooking started when I was in my 7th grade. I spent hours in there mainly for 2 reasons. One – my mother is a fine cook herself and I used to gorge on whatever she made. Two – I did not want to study all the time. The progression from making chais to blending chutneys to making chaval happened in very less time.

For centuries, the kitchen in our homes have been dominated by the women and they have done a fabulous job. With this blog, I intend to urge or inspire all the brothers, fathers and husbands to get their lazy ass in the kitchen and cook something delicious. How about cooking a 3-course Italian dinner to go along with that wine for your girl, or surprise your mother with that perfect bowl of sheera, or have your friends over for a scrumptious biryani treat on a Sunday afternoon. Here you will find recipes that are simple, easy to cook and mighty delicious. Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I’ll share a host of recipes which are healthy and will surely tickle your taste buds. So, from Pizzas to Pav Bhajis and from Buggers to Biryani, let’s cook them all.

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